Ms. Mansha Monga

 Tools practiced

Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading


Career & Finances, Financial Growth, Relationships, Career Guidance, Premarriage Counseling, Find right life partner

 Type of Sessions

At healers centre

My spiritual journey began in the field of Reiki when I was in my teenage years. I was instantly drawn to the realm of holistic sciences ,and the practice came quite effortlessly. It expanded my knowledge to the field and I began reading and researching other forms as well, but it remained only my hobby as my attention that time was diverted to my academics.

The next time I crossed paths with the field was when I was in college, when I decided to pick up a Tarot deck. It took me some time to figure the cards, as the deck was not aptly illustrated. I read the accompanying book which ignited my curiosity to learn the Tarot. From then on I started drawing cards for myself and friends. I was told that my readings were very accurate and even after months passed I would have people coming back and thanking me for the readings I had done, which boosted my morale to do more and more readings.

Professionally I took to Law and was studying at the time when friends and extended family urged me to put in more hours for Tarot. I had never imaged a career in this field as it was not a very known career choice and I was always apprehensive of how it would be perceived by those close to me. It was not until I clear my Honors degree and 3 years of practise in the Supreme Court when the thought of Tarot as a career choice popped up.

I was at such a stage in my life, that I was literally pulled by the Tarot, and before I knew it I was doing it professionally. Every reading gave me immense satisfaction when they answered my questions accurately. Knowing that I was able to help people find direction and inspire them, was very comforting and encouraged me to expand this venture. I then decided to quit my law practise and give Tarot my undivided attention!!

I decided how to go about my readings, where to conduct my readings, how much energy exchange to take and the duration for the sessions. While finding answers to all of the above, I started researching and studying in detail anything and everything I could about the Tarot. I wanted to learn the different spreads as well as the different kinds of decks. This search lead me to purchase a number of decks like the Rider Waite Smith, The Tarot Illuminati, The Druid Craft Tarot etc which were essentially Tarot decks, amongst Oracale Decks like the Angel Cards, Past Lives Deck, Spirit Messages Deck . I could feel my spiritual journey take off. And I have been a different person ever since.

I now own numerous decks, each which answer and advises me by separate messages in different situations. I sit with my decks and mediate so as to form a deeper connection with my cards and practise the art of clearing my mind before every reading which is of prime importance .

I provide Tarot readings either face to face or online, whatever is convenient for the seeker, in which I listen to my clients queries and guide them to the right path. When leaving the reading, I assure that the seeker leaves with a positive and optimistic frame of mind and with a greater level of clarity than what got him/her to me. I believe in an interactive session where I like the seeker to shuffle the cards and draw some cards in situations I feel it is more beneficial. This keeps the querent or seeker more interested in the reading and more open to accepting the advise given in the reading. I would like to spread my reach to as many people so that I am able to help them lead a better and more productive life for which I am currently co-authoring and designing the second part of the Indian Sacred Tarot with Kiren Rai.

  Tools Practiced

Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading


Career & Finances, Financial Growth, Relationships, Career Guidance, Premarriage Counseling, Find right life partner


6 years


Kalindi Colony, South Delhi, Delhi

Energy Exchange

Tarot Card Reading - Rs 1500 onwards per session

Angel Card Reading - Rs 1500 onwards per session

aditya bhalla

Having never had a tarot reading done before, I was skeptical and not sure what to expect so I requested a general reading for the coming months. The way Mansha conducted the reading was very professional and authentic. Everything was spot on and it helped me to validate my thoughts. She has a magnetic personality with the sensitivity of a healer that fills you up with optimism. Thanks you so much Mansha!!!