Ms. Seema Sharma

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South Delhi, Delhi

Energy Exchange

Counselling - Rs 0 onwards per session

Poonam Kaistha

I meet Seema in August 2014 and got my first Access bars run. All I can say about her is she knows how get to the root of the problem and help a person tap his/her inner potential. A very warm hearted person, gives her 100% in what she has to offer to heal a person.

Ayeda Ravindran

I met Seema in 2013, in a display of her characteristic generosity, she offered me something to eat at a program we were at. Through the years I have had multiple sessions with her, and each one has proved to be an exciting and exhilarating adventure. Seema is a gifted intuitive and gentle healer. Her manner of addressing concerns is so gentle yet involved that one dissolves into a pool of trust! Whether the session is in person, on the phone, or remote healing the work does she does comes across with an authenticity which is undeniable. One added bonus of working with her in person is the vast selection of teas she has to offer , which makes everything so perfect!

Smriti Mukerji

I visited Seema first in August 2013, just before my gall bladder surgery. Though the original intention was for me to experience a session, eventually my husband underwent the Access Bars body process with Seema for some life challenges he was facing back then. Seema was kind, attentive and very thorough in the way she handled my husband. She systematically ran us through the processes she was going to use on us and then eased him into a lying position. She was totally invested in him during the hour long session, combining physical moves along with a few questions. He manner is so gentle and yet sure that it puts the recipient of the process at complete ease. She is able to establish a rapport and a bond of trust within minutes. You may find yourself dozing off as she astutely takes you through the process as my husband Neel did. By the end of the session Neel the skeptic was transformed - his frustration abated miraculously, his brand new smart phone which was fully charged had zero power left (!!) and I too perceived a shift in the way I was reacting to him. Seema's studio is a tranquil haven overlooking undulating greens and she offers great selection of teas and little nibbles during the session. She is a thorough professional who you'd love to have as a friend once the session is through!