Access Consciousness Bars and Body process

This healing modality was developed by a gentleman, Gary Douglas. It is only a few decades old but has been gaining acceptance and healing people all over the world.  

What is Access Consciousness?

There is a higher consciousness which is always at play. Call it a higher energy form, divine vibrational energy, or just our higher self. When we're able to tune into this consciousness, it is referred to as accessing this divine consciousness of the universe.
Access Consciousness is not about finding you, it is more about creating you.

What are the bars?

Access bars are the heart and soul of access consciousness healing!
The bars are basically 32 points on our head, which correspond to certain connections between us and the universal life force energy. If any of these bars are blocked, they obstruct the flow of energy and thereby lead to complications. These complications can be health issues, relationship troubles, financial issues, self-esteem issues, and so on.

How does access consciousness bars process work?

During an access bars session, a trained practitioner lies you down, helps you enter a meditative state, and then during the light conversation, lightly touches these 32 points (bars) on your head. This targeted touch releases all the emotional charge and electromagnetic waves from your system which have been blocked, and help you achieve a healed state.