Advanced PSYCH-K

Advanced PSYCH K Facilitator is a fast belief change process based on latest neuroscience methods and ancient Indian and Chinese wisdom. It was discovered by Robert M. Williams (M.A Psychology) Colorado, the USA in 1988. PSYCH-K works by transforming deep rooted limiting subconscious beliefs into new empowering beliefs. As many research studies say that most of the people hold many many limiting beliefs like "I am not good enough", "I am a failure", "My body is not worthy of love and affection", "I am not lovable". Such limiting beliefs are the result of long childhood conditioning.

PSYCH-K aims to transform such beliefs into that which serves you like "I am good enough", "I am a winner", "I love my body", "I give love to others and I receive love from others". As the change happens at subconscious mind using Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitators, most people experience a shift in their thinking, feeling, and behavior shortly.
Dr. Bruce Lipton, the author of Biology of Belief, is colleague and co-researcher with Robert Williams. In his books, Dr. Lipton recommends PSYCH-K as one of the high-speed mindset change process to alter Genetic makeup and hence heal emotional as well as physical diseases