Akashic Record Reading

The word “Akashic” is derived from the Sanskrit word Aakaash meaning "aether" which is beyond the concept of space and time. A collective (Hall of) energetic record which keeps track of every occurring thought, word, and action of the past, the present, and possible future lives of all consciousness. Each soul therefore has one and contributes to it. And with each lifetime our experiences add to it, which in return gets imprinted on the Akasha or the ethers.

Accessing Akashic Records helps one understand their life path better. One is shown the real motive behind the occurrences and events in your life. It enables you to move through your life with less resistance, when you understand your true purpose in life.

While accessing it, one receives a continuous flow of information, like a live streaming site. This is akin to having a 3D enhanced cinematic experience. When accessing the future, the events are known, however the responses are not set in its outcome, they are only indicative. By determining the individual's past responses, the Akashic reader or seeker can only give the highest future probability. 

However this is only a part of it, Akashic Records is a vast living library which encompasses a wide range of subjects. One can access this vast library of knowledge for various purposes such as learning, finding answers to life issues, soul purpose.