Angel Healing


What is Angel Healing all about? Angels are always around us, they are referred to as the hands of God in certain texts and I certainly believe they are... However, they cannot interfere with our free will thus we have to ask for their help with the areas in which we need healing and they will instantly jump into action to help us. There are different kinds of Angels which help us in different aspects of our life, however, the 4 major archangels are Michael (Power of God) Raphael(Love of God, it also means God heals), Uriel (light of God) and Gabriel  (Messenger of God) .. these

How does Angel Healing work?
Archangels and much more are always there to help us with our challenges in life. The energies channeled are of very high vibration and are often felt by the clients.

They can help us with cleaning our emotional bodies, bringing love and harmony in our life, they help clear the blockages in our life, they sometimes even help to bring messages to us required for healing and in general with most aspects of our daily life.