Channeled Remedies


What have channeled remedies?

✔ Channeled remedies are specific rituals or simple activities, which helps a seeker to nullify the effects of stubborn karmic patterns.

✔ It works on the principle of rectifying planetary anomalies and invoking divine grace. These are individual specific, as they work on one’s karmas.

✔ This modality works on the energy of graduation. A single set of remedies may include anything between three to six activities which once done may be assisted with a few more sets. It may so happen that an issue of a seeker is resolved within the first set itself. This depends on the person’s receptivity, willingness to make the change and trust.


                 channeled remedies


Why would you opt for channeled remedies?

The primary reason being, that it is simple, easy to do and includes aspects of your everyday life. This is most effective when too many influences are playing havoc in a single or multiple areas of your life. Interestingly once you have decided to bring about any change in a problem area, you open yourself to the possibilities of divine grace. These remedies are pathways to that grace which brings about the desired results, normally between 1 to 43 days. 


How are the remedies channeled?

The healer takes down the birth details of the seeker along with any other significant events pertaining to the query. The healer then connects to the seeker and the source energy. This powerful triangle helps the healer not only to get insightful predictions about the case but also solutions for the same. These solutions are then converted into simple tasks known as remedies and shared with the seeker. Once the seeker starts doing these rituals and tasks, the karmic blocks get healed and the solution presents itself effectively. The channeled remedies are very powerful options to help you heal and happily move ahead in life.


What are the use cases in which channeled remedies can be really effective?

It is effective to heal karmas so that one is able to manifest the desired life. It opens up pathways so that opportunities which had hitherto dried up, starts flowing again. These remedies also help arousing wisdom from the cloud of confusion so that one is able to walk towards the right path. These never fail to bring up the right job or business opportunities.

Channel Remedies helps in healing relationships and bringing together people. They have shown incredible results in solving financial issues and resolving acrimonious cases.


So are you ready to transform your life with Channel Remedies?