What is Hypnotherapy ?
is a form of complementary therapy used to create positive subconscious change in our thoughts, feelings, attitude and behavior. It is a two way process between a professional therapist and a seeker who is willing to stimulate happy and healthy thinking through this therapeutic technique.

How does Hypnotherapy works ?
The first stage of a hypnotherapy session will involve an informal chat and some questions from the therapist to ascertain the nature of issue in hand and the necessary course required to overcome or deal it. The next stage is hypnosis in which your body and mind are put into a state of relaxation through hypnotherapist's gentle guiding voice. The therapist will then work on parts of your mind to induce beneficial changes. Post session, the seeker can ask questions or discuss any experiences he/she had in that relaxed, hypnotic state.

How can it help you ?
Hypnotherapy can help you to unleash your incredible hidden power to achieve things in life such as quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing stress, regaining lost confidence and happiness or even excelling at a chosen sport.