What is Meditation?

Meditation in the broader sense can be on anything that you are focused on for a period of time, It could be on the work you do, while cooking or walking and basically any activity which has your full attention, it should not be limited to only sitting in a quiet place and blanking out the mind.

Why is this idea so important?

However, to reach that place it needs practice and we do need to start with focusing on our breath, as breath is the life inside of us connecting us to our thoughts, emotions and physical body. If we focus on the breath when our mind is jumping around in un-chartered waters, chances are we will immediately feel a sense of peace and clarity within, it is this inner peace at all times that is the ultimate aim of meditation, it helps you deal with situations better, it attracts more positivity to you in the long term and gives you a better understanding of life thus helping you in every way.  

Why should meditation be a regular practice?

There are many different meditations one can do, however one should eventually see what works for their own body and mind and grow into it, rather than trying to accomplish enlightenment instantaneously.

So are you ready to try meditation?