Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a therapy that is used by hypnotherapists to discover, unravel, demystify and decode an individual's past. This is done by tuning into low frequency, neural oscillations. Ideally, the lower alpha and theta frequencies (4-9 Hertz) are suitable for this kind of therapy. Moreover, this frequency range is associated with deep meditation, and is generally believed to connect with the subconscious mind.

The Regression Therapy Process

  • Relaxation

Before the therapy starts, the client should wear a comfortable clothing. Moreover, clients should not wear elements of distraction like bracelet, necklace, rings and pendants.

Now the reason behind this is, when there are too many materials on your body, the body becomes increasingly conscious about it. For instance, just when he/she is relaxing, suppose, a clinking sound comes from the earring, the mind becomes distracted. Also, in a relaxing atmosphere, there is a high probability of people turning their consciousness and alertness towards their possessions. By that logic, even cellphones are not an ideal thing to keep during such sessions.

Here, the idea is to completely relax and alleviate alertness. Naturally, when the body has nothing to worry about, it gracefully enters into a relaxed state.
In a regression therapy, much or almost all the data is part of the subconscious. We must understand that our fears, hate and anxiety all reside in the subconscious. Because, it is present in the subconscious, it becomes an arduous task to eliminate them.

Meanwhile, when we are completely conscious (unlike subconsciousness), we may not be able to pinpoint the source or the cause of the negative emotions that harbor within us. Therefore, the first step of a past life regression therapy is to tap into the subconscious mind.

We know that, as the mind relaxes from wakefulness to sleep, the neural oscillations also decrease. From Gamma to Beta, then Alpha to Theta, and finally to Delta frequency set. Additionally, the aim is to let the brainwaves gradually enter into the theta state. This is a state where our subconscious mind becomes active.

The entire process slowly and gradually enables the client to enter into higher states of relaxation.

  • Interrogation

We must understand that this process is not quick and can take several minutes to an hour to achieve the expected state of mind. The hypnotherapist's voice plays a vital role in the entire relaxation process. Smoothness, politeness, low pitch and even tone are some of the expected characteristics of the voice.
When the hypnotherapist detects an ideal relaxed state of the brain, he/she starts asking questions.

The hypnotherapist creates a framework and associates each and every visual event (that the client experiences) with deeper states of relaxation. When the conditions turn right, the client will be fully able to explain the visual events in intricate details. This is exactly the moment where the hypnotherapist checks for positive and negative feelings.

  • Wakefulness

When the client wakes up, the hypnotherapist suggests ways to deal with those dominant and intrinsic emotions. This in turn, helps the client to understand why they are, the way they are.

Does Past-Life Regression Work?

A similar question on the popular Q&A platform Quora, was answered and beautifully explained by Andy Sway, a past life regression hypnotherapist from New York City.


A lot of healing is achieved when we look at things from a 'higher' perspective. Even in normal life when we are wound up in drama we become short sighted.  When we have some time to think, things oftentimes look different.
Past life regression takes this effect to a whole new level.  I've had clients shed one single tear over a past life memory and emerge from the session with a huge emotional weight permanently lifted.
Also, past life regression helps you see yourself in a broader context.  You are not just the character you are playing now and when you start to experience this as fact, your whole self image changes.  Balance and empowerment are oftentimes the result.


Benefits of past life regression

The benefits of past life regression therapy are not long-lasting and are temporary. However, that doesn't mean that it's ineffective. Past life regression therapy has proven benefits and has helped people to understand themselves better. They were able to know the source of their fear and phobias, and how to combat them effectively.

  • Relieves stress
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Encourages positive outlook
  • Reduces negative emotions
  • Helps to openly challenge fears and phobias


Myths about past life regression therapy

  • It cures serious mental disorder
    As discussed before, the effects of this therapy is only temporary. To some extent, it may help to alleviate the problems but in now way does it completely treating an existing disorder.
  • Past life regression therapy is only used to predict the past life
    The mind has a memory of its own. If our past unfolds in a regression therapy, then it must also show up in our dreams. Factually, no such dreams of the past life occur during sleep. Therefore, to say that our past is accurately revealed in a regression therapy is untrue. However, there are incidents in a therapy session where people have described an unseen place and event, to quite an interesting extent. Therefore, discarding the theory completely is also not viable. There exists a 50-50 seesaw between believing and disbelieving!


People must not believe anyone blindly and while selecting a past life regression therapist they must choose a professional with experience, someone who's been in that field for long, and someone who is trustful. In many cases, the therapist is a trained hypnotherapist who also works as a psychiatrist or psychotherapist.


In a nutshell, a past life regression therapy is a stress relieving process as it deals with the relaxed state of mind. The benefits of this therapy are tremendous. People have indeed reaped benefits from it and there's absolutely no harm in trying a past life regression therapy.