Spiritual Counselling

In the words of Ms. Tanya Seth Sootha.

What is Spiritual Counseling all about?

Spiritual Counseling entails regular counseling with a spiritual angle to it. Counseling deals with wellness, career, personal growth and any other area which will provide relief, comfort, solutions and sometimes closure. 
Counseling is a principled relationship characterized by recognized set of communication skills, intuition, experience, ability to assist and the core principle of care to resolve, enhance aspirations and provide the client the ability to find happiness.
The essence of our existence is love and while we are champions in various aspects of our lives sometimes we feel there is still something missing. In today's society of cut throat competition we may find ourselves caught up in activities which bear material fruits but emotionally we are searching and seeking. At online spiritual counseling we rediscover the essence of why we are actually here, while remaining in our material world we discover how easy and beautiful it is to be connected to our original self and co exist in today's chaos as we realise many secrets of the Universe while we go along our way.
Mantras to strengthen our mind and body, gratitude, manifestation, forgiveness, grounding, astrology, vastu, feng shui, healing, connecting with your faith and God, accepting are some of the techniques we apply to assist the client.
What are the benefits of spiritual counseling?
* Anger Management
* Grief and Bereavement Counseling
* Marriage and Divorce
* Destructive patterns of behavior
* Relationship Issues
* Depression
* Low Self Esteem
* Suicidal Tendencies 
* Parental Guidance 
* Abandonment in elderly people
* Others