Theta Healing

What is Theta® healing?

Theta healing is holistic healing technique or therapy which utilizes the power of meditation and channeled energy healing, to achieve powerful transformations in a healing recipient's life. 
Theta healing
Like we have different wavelengths or frequencies in Physics (alpha, beta, gamma), 'theta' is actually a term for a particular vibrational frequency or thought process of the mind, that a practitioner of theta healing attains, before diving into the healing process. Theta is a state of the mind, almost like a meditative zone, which the practitioner enters. The goal is to also facilitate a mind shift of the healing recipient by helping them reach this higher vibrational wavelength, so that the healing process can take place.

How does Theta® healing work?

Theta healing is based on the concept that each individual is a co-creater of their own world. Another way to think of this is that our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world. 
During the Online Theta healing process, the practitioner taps into their intuition and the universal power of love, to help facilitate a shift in the sub-conscious level of the seeker, and to remove the limiting and/or wrong thought patterns which may be the cause of health issues, relationship strains, lack of financial prosperity etc. 

Who can benefit from Theta® healing?

All and sundry! This modality knows no bounds and can be of help to anyone looking to improve their well-being (physical, emotional, or mental) in any way. 
Some of the profound cases of Theta healing wonders have been those wherein people with 9 inch tumors have healed themselves even though medical doctors had given up. 
So if you're stuck in life, have a nagging health issue which won't go away, or you're unable to have fulfilling relationships, Theta healing is for you.

So are you ready to transform your life with Theta® healing?