The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yog’, meaning the union or joining. The art and science of Yoga (and meditation) facilitates the union of oneself with our higher self, and therefore the term ‘Yog’.

What actually is Yoga ?
Yoga is a highly scientific holistic healing and holistic living ‘way of life’. Not only can it be used to prevent illnesses by building a strong immunity system, it can also be used to naturally cure a whole gamut of modern day illnesses, ranging from stress and depression, to thyroid and diabetes. And all this in a completely natural way!


What are the benefits of practicing Yoga ?

The practice of Yoga entails breathing exercises, particular body postures and exercises (called asanas), and meditation. Via a combination of these tools, Yoga uses physical exercise to cleanse and detoxify our physical, etheric, mental, and energy bodies, which in effect bring about a positive change in our health and well-being.

Practitioners of Yoga are referred to as Yogis (male) or Yoginis (female). Learning Yoga from a dedicated and experienced Yogi or Yogini can start producing benefits within a week to ten days, whether you’re looking for overall health and fitness, or to cure a particular disease.