Mr. R.K. Sharma

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Reiki Healing


No Specialization

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My name is RK Sharma. I am a Reiki Grand Master and owner of Reiki Power : Reiki Training, Treatment & Research Centre situated in Munirka, New Delhi. I have been teaching and healing reiki since 1998.

About Reiki Power

Reiki Power : Reiki Training, Treatment & Research Centre

Reiki Power is dedicated to give maximum happines to maximum people for Reiki Power logo maximum time. As we all know this life is not the bed of roses. Happiness and Sorrow, Sweet and Sour, Joy and Pain, Day and Night all are made for human. No one can change the nature. No one can take other's pain but we can try to reduce the suffering by various way. Reiki is one of them. Reiki is the easiet way to add smile on sad faces.

  Tools Practiced

Reiki Healing


No Specialization


18 years


Lakshman Singh Complex - 2, Munirka, New Delhi, South Delhi, Delhi

Energy Exchange

Reiki Healing - Rs 1100 onwards per session

alka popli

Dr R.K Sharma is not only a good Reiki master but also a very good human being.I wish to express deep gratitude towards his service and will always cherish what all I have learnt from him.I feel myself to be very lucky to find a master like him.Heartiest wishes for him and may he continue his work like this.

Shweta Dhingra

"Just a quick note to say Thank You to the person who helped me in building the right path of my life by their positive attitude. Dr. R K Sharma is a guide, mentor and facilitator for me whose learning will always help me to lead a quality life. This is the platform where you will be directed towards a stress free living.I am extremely pleased with the knowledge I gained . All I can say is that I made the right decision to learn the real knowledge from here. Excellent place to learn and to know about yourself. I recommend to anyone...". Thank you Shweta Dhingra