• Leave the old as New life is calling

    Contributed By : Mrs. Pooja Sharma Narang
    With every new year we all expect new, positive and beautiful changes in our life's. With these expectations the energies for, in and around us start manifesting these changes for us. While these changes happen the old starts leaving us and new starts coming in our life's.

    Here comes the trouble, we all want to get the new but do not want to leave the old. When life tries to take away the old from us we resist, sometimes so much so that not only we loose both the old and the new but also we find our self's stuck in chronic diseases. There seems to be no movement in life and everything seems stuck. This happens with a lot of us however, some of us move on and some remain stuck in the same situation for years sometimes for lifes. Have we ever put a thought on the reasons why? There could be only two reasons:

    1) Either we choose to stay stuck; or
    2) The past Karma's are making us stuck.

    The Good News is Everything including burden of past karma's can be changed if we are ready and we have persistence. So, here is your chance to change. Choose the right person to guide and support you through the change. Take and oath to give it your heart and soul and begin the journey towards the ending of sufferings and beginning of a new era of life.