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    Contributed By : Ms. Priyanka Bhargava
    Why do people cheat in a relationship ?

    This is a question that kept haunting me after every session I do with someone who's heart is bleeding and his/her soul is shattered into pieces because he/she was cheated and betrayed by someone he/she loved with all his/her capacity.

    Why can't people keep it simple and straight? Why can't they just tell their partner that , "I don't love you anymore" Instead of hurting them by lying to them.

    I was surprised by the answers I got for the above questioner. They were like simple but profound.

    "Wound is the place where the light enters." ~ Rumi

    Everything is perfectly designed for our growth by God. As we start focusing on our journey and our lessons, God starts unfolding his brilliant plans for us.

    We all know it deep inside that we are being fooled but we keep waiting for a proof to acknowledge it and when we get the proof we are so shattered that we barely have courage to question our partner.

    We spend years in denial , hoping that everything will be alright one day. We try to stay in the relationship because of children, family, society and what not.

    We keep finding faults in ourselves and blame ourselves for the behaviour of our partner, not realising that its not our fault its their journey, their karma and their lessons.

    For us its an opportunity to grow and learn. Accept the behaviour of our partner and let go of the hurt, come out of the grief and guilt and bring focus back on yourself.

    The consequences of living in the misery and victimhood can be very dangerous. It could be suffering, guilt, anger, rage, hurt, inferiority complex need for approval, self abandonment, depression and suicidal instincts etc.

    List of traps is endless and the result of living in victimhood is only one and that is ; we loose an opportunity to grab the lesson our partner is trying to teach us through his/her behaviour and stay stuck in the situation for the lifetime.

    I have seen people suffering for years and asking God,

    "why me?"

    "What did I do to receive this kind of life and pain?"

    I tell my clients to change the question they throw at God and see how miraculously their life will change. I suggest them to ask God:

    " what is it that u want me to learn out of this situation?"

    "What is it that you are intending to teach me ?

    And pray to God that...

    " Help me see the good that is hidden for me to explore in this suffering ."

    As every challenge comes with an opportunity for us to become a better person and a brighter soul.

    I understand it's difficult to forgive and let it go. But once you forgive you are saving yourself of all the pain. As holding on to anger and rage is like holding burning coal in our hands. Only our hand burns and we experience pain, the other person stays totally unaffected by our pain.

    To forgive is an act of kindness we show to ourselves. Once you experience the gift of forgiveness then you will see your life changing and gratitude stepping in.

    If you are unable to let go of the anger and hurt then start praying for your partner and soon you will see the grace entering your life.

    Gratitude and Grace change our lives completely.

    Through Past Life Regression(PLR) we can find out the patterns we are trapped in from our previous lifetimes. We can also get to know about the karmic closures we have to do with our partner.

    Relationship Regression is an amazing tool to explore our past life relationships and work on the issues .

    If you have a similar issue then dare to jump off the cliff that your bad relationship has pushed you to. Jump and take a leap of faith and trust God that he will give you the wings to fly and sore high.

    Once you come out of the victimhood and give yourself the gift of self love then love will start flowing towards you from all directions.

    Remember what you are seeking outside, is all inside you. You just have to reach out to your own self.

    Have faith in Divine...

    Darkness cannot persist for long every night is followed by a beautiful sunrise.