• The haunted house

    Contributed By : Ms. Priyanka Bhargava
    A very dear friend called me to discuss about how she feels her younger sister's house has some negative energies and foreign bodies. As she started discussing the case with me, I could connect to that house which was been haunted since last 20 years and could find out the story behind it.

    Interestingly, the souls haunting that house were not evil but they were all caught in the darkness, they were there to take revenge from one of the family member who had hurt them in past lives.

    When I counselled them in presence of my spirit guides they understood that they were wasting time in taking revenge ,as they hang around or not the karmas will play out any which ways .

    This guy who's past lives enemies were haunting the house has a very disturbed personal life. He has been married several times and first two wives died and the other marriages didn't work.

    When I visited that house for space clearance the family was showing me the family pictures. While seeing the pictures I felt his first wife's soul wants to connect with me. Then what happened was simply amazing that loving soul helped me clearing the house, told me all the places where the souls were hiding.

    She also said that she was not crossing over since last 20 years because she wanted to protect her children from those dark souls. Once the house was clear, she expressed her desire to cross over. She said Good bye to her family and I helped her to cross over.

    After clearing the energies of the house, I was guided to ask the family to have a small Idol of Ganesha in the room they spend most of the time and light up a lamp or candle every day.

    As I was walking out of the house, I could feel a group of souls standing outside the house waiting to thank me as they said I have helped them connect to their Light.

    We exchanged notes of gratitude and they all walked into the light.

    Grateful to my Masters as with their guidance I could help so many souls both living and dead.

    Thankful to the Divine for using me as a medium to help so many Heal .